Into The Bold

Bold patterns make a strong statement, as well as the color. All come together to make a luxury piece. View all


Prepare yourself for a new normal era with functional items yet stylish pieces.

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Get your exclusive scarves with a special price and be hurry because it is a limited piece.


Into The Bold

Aruna Top MustardAruna Top Mustard
Sold out

Aruna Top Mustard

IDR 315.000
Aima Top MauveAima Top Mauve

Aima Top Mauve

IDR 475.000
Azya Top MauveAzya Top Mauve

Azya Top Mauve

IDR 395.000
Azya Top MustardAzya Top Mustard

Azya Top Mustard

IDR 395.000
Alika Top MustardAlika Top Mustard

Alika Top Mustard

IDR 335.000
Arazka Dress MauveArazka Dress Mauve

Arazka Dress Mauve

IDR 625.000
Arsa Pants MauveArsa Pants Mauve

Arsa Pants Mauve

IDR 295.000

This collection creates a wardrobe you can wear every time.

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Tara Shirt RedTara Shirt Red

Tara Shirt Red

IDR 225.000
Tara Shirt GreenTara Shirt Green

Tara Shirt Green

IDR 225.000
Tara Shirt MaroonTara Shirt Maroon

Tara Shirt Maroon

IDR 225.000

We Are Aleza

We are indonesian brand that get inspired by all of you. We believe everyone has their own uniqueness and personal style. Our goals to make ALEZA as one stop shopping for all type of woman out there. 

We belive modest can be stylish, this is our goal to make you outshine with what you wear. With good fashion you can be the best version of yourself.

We provide all of your need from Monday till Sunday, from morning to night, from casual to formal. We have 4 labels that you can wear everywhere and everytime. 

We believe there is many ways to wear an outfit. Because style is an expression of imagination. 

We know style is forever, timelessness is everything. But you need to keep play with style everytime. 

Choose your own style

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